Photoshop Actions

Link to Download, Free for personal use.  Contact for a commercial license.


Download 9 Recoloring Photoshop Actions
A pack of nine different photoshop recoloring actions. 

Download Auto Tone Color, Contrast, Levels, Curves, and Highpass Photoshop Action
Creates duplicates of a background layer with auto color, auto tone, auto contrast.  It also applies a 3. high pass layer overlay as well as a curves and levels adjustment layer.  Great for quick photo editing but leaves room for control.

Example after curves/levels/opacity are set.

Download Fort3Design Action Pack
A pack including:
- Auto Tone, Color, Contrast, Levels, Curves Highpass Action
- Photo to Brush Action (Desaturates and adds contrast to a photo while resizing it to 2500 x ____.  Good for batch processing a bunch of pictures/scans of brush strokes/spatters for brush conversion)
- Additive Scaling 105% x 3 (Causes less resizing damage to images.  Increases size by 105% three times.)
- Additive Scaling 110% x 3(Causes less resizing damage to images.  Increases size by 110% three times.)