Saturday, July 7, 2012

Catchy Dubstep / Bass Music Fades Fast

Dubstep (and more accurately Bass Music) has taken a lot of the music scene by storm. A lot of Bass music is categorized by a drop, where the track is at it's apex of energy. This is essentially the chorus.

Bass music tends to relay on sound textures more than melody lines. While some Bass drops can be incredible, they tend to (this is not a global statement) lack melody and favor more sparsely arranged notes / samples.

My hypothesis is that bass music does not sit in our heads as long as more melodic music. How often to you actually find yourself humming a bass-genre song in comparison with a pop song? While pop is written specifically to be catchy, it does so with melody and something that can generally be sung along too. You can't really sing along to a dubstep drop.

It will be interesting to see how bass music will continue. Like everything it will see falls, emergences, and reemergences. This article was definitely written from a devil's advocate perspective. In no way am I bashing bass music or saying it's lesser. I'm just pointing out it's different music approach.