Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lux The Game!

In collaboration with a Computer Science Student, i'm releasing Lux, a faced paced, exciting drawing based game.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Design Today

A question because I'm curious: Is it possible to have great Web / Application Design without Content Strategy, IA, UX, and Development?

Design, by my loose definition, is informed rationale behind decisions, whether visual, interactive, or otherwise. It is not visual icing on a cake, or making things look "pretty". If we go by that presumption, design needs to be informed of what it's designing for.

We can't design without content, which is ideally shaped, defined, and organized by excellent concept strategy and IA. Design needs to know its target audience, and UX investigates, identifies, and understands this to an incredible level. Design is also how things work, not just how they look (Steve Jobs). Development is the science of how things work. An application isn't just about how the the user sees it, it's also about it deploys and functions. It's 3-Dimensional.

Are we still designing if we just build a site sans CS, IA, UX, etc or are we shooting in the dark? The Information Age has opened up tons of new problems and opportunities. Ellen Lupton calls for designers to become masters of, not slaves of technology. I think it's more than just technology, it's a comprehension of our content, how it flows, is informed, is organized, works and lives. Thoughts / opinions?