Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adobe Muse [Code Name]

Adobe recently released a beta of a new tool set focusing on web design. It's supposedly more powerful and less niche-based then Dreamweaver.

An interesting point is that good print design skill does not necessarily translate to good interactive design. It still doesn't let designers create pure code and it doesn't automatically allow developers to make great websites.

It's not going to phase out the need for web coding, but I expect it to be a relevant addition to designers arsenals for a faster web design workflows. Thoughts?

More on FastCoDesign.  There some interesting points being made in the comments section.

Download it here.

Muse was created by the same developers as inDesign.  It's apparent in the interface.


Creation Screen

Great 360 Panorama's

This tutorial on 1x is pretty helpful for learning about 360 panoramas. In addition to being very in depth with his workflow, the photographer provides another article on 360 - 180 panoramas.

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I have yet to stumble upon a website with more consistent work then 1x. I highly recommend it to those looking for some good critiques (they have a section for them after you provide three quality critiques of other people's works) or those just looking for some great inspiring photos.

Great article on set ups for low key photography with and without a studio.

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Sweet Music Video With Visualizations Using Hundreds of on Camera Flashes.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011