Sunday, June 3, 2012

Air Mechs - Chrome Native Top Down RTS / Tower Defense / LoL - Style Game

I normally don't review games too often, but this game deserves mention. By Carbon Games, Air Mechs runs off a Chrome Browser Extension and utilizes WebGL to drive the game. The result is beautiful:

The result is a hybrid of League of Legends style gameplay with more Starcraft RTS elements. Units are vital to success, and positioning and match ups are just as crucial. While your main Air Mech can take on individual units, it cannot engage multiple enemies until mid to late game with upgraded powers / armor. I player must micro manage his / army in addition to fighting with his / her Air Mech. Players' armies must be preselected, adding an additional amount of strategy to the game, particularly in team matches.

Sure the UI isn't as tight as it could be, and the application does occasionally crash, but it's nevertheless a WebGL feat. With the recent changes in Natives Apps and Mobile Applications, where does a Browser Native game fall?

One can see it as just another App system, but also a step that could help bring rich content to general web applications. Download the Chrome Extension Here:

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