Sunday, April 24, 2011

Torley Music

I know this temporary design blog is a design blog (with design in the title and all), but I just needed to say how much I love this guys music.  He's a one of a kind electronic producer that creates huge electronic albums with probably the most eclectic mix of songs you will ever find.  Some of his tracks harbor an incredible amount of energy and freedom, others solemn ambient soundscapes, and still others  danceable beats.  Regardless, Torley is pure experimentation.  With all of his tracks comes some excitement and freshness you will rarely find in mainstream music. 

Sure his beats aren't sidechained, and he doesn't have the deepest bass or dirtiest synthlines, but all of that falls away in light of his innovation.  It's almost impossible to listen to the entire album at once, but it can be quite enjoyable in bursts.  Some song parts may be cheesy, but he still knows how to push the boundaries of his instruments and mix instruments you never would think could coexist in the same track. 

In addition, his albums filled with 50 or so tracks are completely free (although I recommend donating).  Torely recently released an 8-bit chiptune album that really rocks retro.  Very similar to the original Megaman and other games in the same category.  If you need composing ideas, or just want something different, I highly suggest you check his stuff out.  He's in it for the fun.

~ Stay Curious, Fortelegy.

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